Star | He/Him | Ger/Eng

Hi, I'm Star I'm from Germany.
I am a passionate gamer and play all sorts of games, but the biggest part of it at the moment is Genshin Impact.

I also do Let's Plays of the games I play, but only very irregularly because of my work, they are in German but if you want to take a look at them I would be happy

I'm not that good in English and if you find a mistake then please let me know so I can improve ;)

Genshin Impact

I started with Genshin at releas in 2020

Friend ID (EU): 700735281

Love Live!

I started with Love Live in 2015 and still enjoy the Music and Anime but I stopped Playing the Games in the middle of 2019.

Hanayo is still my favorite character of all Time

Friend ID (EN): 889188207

BanG Dream!

I started with Bang Dream when it was released in JP (2017)

like Love Live I Love the Music and Anime but I also stopped Playing because of other interests

Friend ID (EN): 26302
Friend ID (JP): 4365972

Anime & Other


I started with Let's Plays in 2012, my first game was Minecraft (which I still play today). Since then I have played many games

At the begining I have only made German videos, but I have start in 2021 to Stream in English as a VTuber.

Art by: Zakimpo
Rigging by : IKOIKO_ho
Desing by: Me


( 厂•ω• )厂(=゚ω゚)ノ"☆